Law and Consultancy

Att. Gökçe BENGİSU GÜRER (LL.M Southampton)

Att. Gökçe BENGİSU GÜRER (LL.M Southampton)

They provide effective and comprehensive solutions for all kinds of legal needs of clients under the light of the principle of providing qualified service in all the legal matters required by the experienced team and the clients.


Our solution partners

Academic Advisors

During the settlement of some legal disputes, you may need technical information outside your business. In this context, we recommend that we receive opinions from academicians who work at reputable universities in Turkey and abroad.

Liquidation Officers

In today's commercial life, things do not always go well. At the point where you decide that your company will enter into liquidation, we recommend you to contact the liquidation officers.

Tax and Accounting Consultants

We recommend that company lawyers and financial advisors work in harmony and are in constant contact with each other.